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Office Management

Office Management Software

Office - A place where all business/operational, clerical and activities takes place. Techminds is a web application & software solution provider and gives you easy solution for Office Management System. It provides integrated solution to help you maximize efficiency. Some tips and steps for Office Management are introduced in order to make you rise in the competition.
Our integrated technology that enable organizations to improve their business processes while retaining more value from their existing investments, thereby increasing their business agility and improving efficiency.
Never have there been more software choices for the small/Mid size or big enterprise entities. Considering all the information you need to manage
Which ones do the best job?
Should you use separate solutions for different functions?
 Should you buy an integrated suite that can manage many aspects of your business?
We provide you computerized business and information management system, which is not only helps you to manage your cash, your finances and your operations, but it also allows you to make better use of your resources and time.
Integrated Front end and back end office work
Techminds helps you to answer all your questions in one suit which maintain balance between Frontend and backend office works within enterprise.
“Backed task solutions” refer to the platforms and applications that don’t interface with customers but help you manage core functions such as accounting, human resources, or manufacturing. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a term that includes many back-office functions.
“Frontend task solutions” is often related to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and is useful for managing sales, marketing, and other customer-facing data. Our software facilitates things like innovative social media tools, customer service solutions, and much more for smooth functioning of the business.

Functionality of our Office Management Solutions

  • Budget Planning, Development and Implementation
  • Purchasing Report
  • Book Keeping Record
  • Human resources Planning and other HR related activities
  • Accounting configuration system
  • Print facilities over different customise reports
  • Forms  and Records management
  • management
  • Payroll system
  • Facilities management
  • Risk management
  • Affirmative action and equal employment opportunity
  • Information technology and telecommunications
  • Monitoring the management of health and safety in the company office
  • Assisting senior managers in identifying health and safety needs in their departments
  • Responsibility for the day to day running of the office
  • Liaising with senior managers to ensure that staff in the division have appropriate information technology equipment
  • Managing a range of budgets including accommodation, health & safety for company
  • Plan, consult and manage office moves for the division and other units within the department

Thus we develop this software while considering the diversity of all functions of all different departments in an organization which helps to match the competencies of resources at work place time to time and possess problem solving and decision making abilities, integrity, assertively, flexibility, accuracy and the ability to cope with pressure.

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